Upcoming Event


2024 July Workshop

Date: 24 June 2024 (Wednesday)
Time: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Venue: Hong Kong Country Club, Bayview Room
Theme: Composition Expressing a Movement (ref. Text Book 5, Lesson 18)
Costs: Members - $450, Non-members - $500
Participating members are required to bring their own scissors, containers, wires, a towel and kenzan (if necessary).
Registration: Please register before 12 July 2024


We are pleased to invite our member, Ms Jessica Au, student of Ms Tonie Yuen to lead the workshop on 24 July 2024 (Wednesday).

Ms Jessica Au who has been learning the Sogetsu Ikebana with Ms Tonie Yuen since 1998. And now, she has attained the First Grade Somu.

Over the past twenty years, she served as an assistant teacher in the Tonie Yuen Florist Programme.

She has participated in the Floral Displays and the demonstrations of Ms Yuen in the Annual Hong Kong Flower Show.

Besides, she was invited to be the Judge of Floral Art Competition (School Section) of the Hong Kong Flower Show. Jessica was enthusiastic in performing voluntary work,

she led numerous ikebana workshops for various religious and voluntary organizations.


2024 June Workshop

On 26 June 2024 (Wednesday), we were pleased to have Mrs. Makiko Morange, Assistant Teacher of Sogetsu HQ to be the workshop leader.

The theme of the workshop was “Composition of Green Materials”.

Makiko Sensei detailedly explained the theme and presented three arrangements by using different green materials including Fountain grass,

Elephant leaf, Banana leaves, Steel grass, Japanese Rhododendron etc. The workshop was attended by a total of 34 members who were amazed at Makiko Sensei’s simple, creative and inspiring arrangements.

Also, the critiques given by Makiko Sensei on participants’ individual works were very encouraging and to the points. All participants spent a happy afternoon with beautiful flowers and tasty snacks and tea.


Member’s arrangements shared in June 2024


2024 HKSTA Teaching Teachers’ List

Name: Ms. CHOI Janet (1st Riji)
Class: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays from 15:30 to 21:00,
Saturday from 14:00 to 18:00
Language: Cantonese/English/Mandarin
Teaching district: Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Contact: 5149


Name: Ms. CHOU Sharon (1st Riji)
Class: Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:00 to 16:00
Language: Cantonese/English/Mandarin/ Japanese (a little)
Teaching district: Kowloon Tong, Kowloon


Name: Mr. Ho Hin Shing (1st Riji)
Class: Tuesdays & Fridays from 14:00 to 20:00
Language: Cantonese/Mandarin
Teaching district: Fortress Hill, Hong Kong


Name: Mrs. MORANGE Makiko (1st Riji)
Class: Tuesday from 10:00 am – 17:00 pm
Wednesday, 14:00 pm – 16:00 pm (once a month – Teachers’ grade class)
Language: English/French/Japanese
Teaching District: Chung Hom Kok, Hong Kong


Name: Ms. WONG Doris (1st Riji)
Class: Tuesdays from 10:30 to 16:00
Language: Cantonese/Mandarin/English
Teaching district: Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong


Name: Ms. YUEN Tonie (1st Riji)
Class: Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 13:00 to 19:00
Language: Cantonese/English/Mandarin
Teaching district: Mongkok, Kowloon


Name: Ms. CHEUNG Betty (1st Komon)
Class: Fridays and Saturdays
Language: Cantonese/English/Mandarin
Teaching district: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Contact: 9407 7213


Name: Ms. YAMAHATA Norie (1st Jonin Somu)
Class: Thursdays from 10:00 to 17:00
Language: Japanese/English
Teaching district: The Peak, Hong Kong


Name: Ms. OU Shirley (1st Somu)
Class: Tuesdays from 16:00 onwards
Language: Cantonese/Mandarin
Teaching district: Tin Hau, Hong Kong


Name: Ms. FAN Ho Tsai (2nd Jonin Sanyo)
Class: Flexible
Language: Cantonese/English/Mandarin
Teaching district: Taikoo Station, Hong Kong




2024 May Workshop

On 22 May 2024, we were pleased to have our young teaching member, Ms Pauline Wong to be the workshop leader.

Pauline chose the theme “Composition of Straight and Curved Lines” for the workshop.

She demonstrated three arrangements which were vividly and beautifully showing the straight and curved lines.

In her first arrangement, she demonstrated how to twist the straight Horsetails into curved lines and group them into mass, while in her second arrangement, she used red Dog Wood as stand up straight lines,

and New Zealand Flax were folded into curve lines which were complemented by the mass Dianthus (Green Ball). The workshop was attended by 22 members.

They all spent a happy afternoon with beautiful flowers and tasty snacks and tea.


2024 Annual General Meeting

The 54th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of HKSTA was held on April 24,
2024 in the Hong Kong Country Club, Bayview Room with a total of 24
members present.
We invited a local renowned artist and Paper Art Designer, Mr Joe Wong to
give us a talk on paper art after the AGM.
Mr Wong gave us an account of history of the traditional cultural art -
paper cutting art. He also showed us some of his recent works. All
members present were amazed with the exquisiteness of his workmanship,
which was very beautiful and delicate.


Workshop to be led by Mrs Koso Katayama on 25th March 2024

Workshop led by Mrs Koso Katayama on 25 March 2024 in HKCC Mrs Koso Katayama led two workshops on next day after her demonstration.

A total of 40 members attending the workshops.

The attendees were happy to have precious opportunity to be taught by Koso Sensei in the workshops.


2024 Hong Kong Flower Show_Mrs. Koso Katayama's demonstration

Demonstration by Mrs Koso Katayama, Master Instructor of Sogetsu School HQ on 24 March 2024 Mrs Koso Katayama staged a magnificent ikebana demonstration which drew enthusiastic applause from the audience.

She performed in a record making speed, 10 arrangements including two large pieces within one hour. The audience was amazed by Koso Sensei’s beautiful, stunning and unique works.

we were honored to have esteemed guests including Ambassador Okada Kenichi, Japan Consul too.

A big thanks to all the committee members and member for their stong support/help to Mrs Kos Katayama's demonstration.


HKSTA Group Diplay

2024 HK Flower Show - March 15-24 at HK Victoria Park Group Work Display Applause!
Our group work display titled ‘Bloosoms of Resilience’ had won the ‘Merit Award for Design Excellence’.
Thanks to Fonny Lau for leading the group works and all the hard working team who worked very hard for the group works under heavy rain.

The theme of the group work is “Blossoms of Resilience”.


2024 Feb Workshop

February Workshop On 21st February, HKSTA held its first workshop of 2024 in the Hong Kong Country Club, Bayview Room. The theme of the workshop was “Using branches only”.

The workshop was led by our Membership Secretary Ms YANG So Fan Aileen who presented three arrangements with different beautiful branches including Pussy willows, Reeves spirea, Japanese andromeda, Dragon willows, Japanese pines, Japanese qunice

and Camilla. She emphasized the importance of observing the unique characteristics, texture and volume of each branch in the arrangement. She demonstrated how to bend the Dragon willows in an gracefully flowing manner in the first arrangement.

She also boldly broke the branches of Japanese qunice to create an interesting form in the second arrangement. Altogether 21 members attended the workshop and they all enjoyed it happily and brought home beautiful branches and laughters.


Hatsuike, New Year Celebration Lunch

HKSTA kicked off the New Year of 2024 by holding a New Year celebration lunch at the Nadaman, Island Shangri-la Hotel, Hong Kong. A total of 26 members joined the event. Before lunch, Ms Sharon Chou, Hon. Advisor kindly led us to make the first Ikebana arrangement for the new year.

Sharon explained the key points of doing the table arrangement as well as the meaning of new year arrangements to members before creating the arrangement for Hatsuike.

Members joined hands to complete the work efficiently and in a joyful mood. Chinese New Year ornaments were added to enhance the joy and festive atmosphere.

Materials : Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb, Smilax, Christmas rose, Hypericum, Long bracted Cymbidium, Acacia…etc.

We use some of the auspicious flowers plus different kinds of new year ornaments from Hong Kong to create this beautiful, dynamic arrangement: a work full of rhythm and bounce from one end of the table to the other, symbolizing the coming of the dragon year.


STA Annual Exhibition 2023

We are delighted to share that the Annual Exhibition garnered an impressive attendance of 1,850 visitors.

Their presence and engagement added to the vibrancy of the event, making it a truly memorable experience.

Furthermore, we were honored to have esteemed guests including Ambassador Okada Kenichi, Japan Consul,

and Ms. Tina Tai, Chief Leisure Manager from LCSD (Green Campaign), who graciously graced the opening ceremony.

Their presence added prestige and significance to the occasion, highlighting the importance of art and cultural exchange.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the visitors and esteemed guests for their support and contribution to the success of the Annual Exhibition.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support and active participation of all our members in the Annual Exhibition held from November 24-26, 2023.

Your dedication and enthusiasm have made this event a resounding success.

The exhibition showcased an array of remarkable ikebana works and fostered a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and inspiration.

We sincerely appreciate your contributions and look forward to your continued involvement in shaping future artistic endeavors.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community.


HKSTA Annual Exhibition: group works and 58 individual creations download link:


STA Annual Exhibition 2023_ Demonstration

STA Annual Exhibition 2023 Demonstration by 8 local high teaching grade Sogetsu Teachers,

Four Ikebana demonstration sessions: 11:30am –12 noon and 3:30 – 4:00 pm on November 25 and 26

from Mrs Miranda Leung, Mr HO Hin Shing, Ms Sharon Chou, Mrs Betty Cheung,

Ms Elke Leung, Ms Shirley Ou, Ms Janet Choi and Mrs Makiko Morange.



October Online Seminar

Together with the Tokyo HQ, HKSTA had organized an online seminar on October 18, 2023. Ms Hiromi Sugioka, Master Instructor of Sogetsu HQ was the demonstrator who had presented five arrangements,

which were very informative, inspiring and beautiful. The participants learnt how to fix the heavy branches with fruits in Tsubo or in Suiban without kenzan by splitting, nailing or wiring.

The seminar was attended by 43 members including 16 signed on zoom. What a wonderful afternoon we all spent.


2023 September Outing

On 27 September 2023, HKSTA organized an outing to the Oil Street Art Space (Oi!). A total of 15 members joined the visit. This Grade 2 historic building was built in 1908 and was previously the home to the Royal HK Yacht Club.

At present it is developed as a new art space introducing itself as a young and energetic creative force that calls on everyone “Oi! Come art with us!”.

We joined the guided tour there and the guide who gave us a detailed account of the history of the building and led us tour the red-brick complex of Oi!,

and the nearby built Oil Glassie, the exhibition galleries as well as the outdoor community leisure space. Members enjoyed the visit very much and were fascinated by the green and serene oasis being built amidst the bustling city streets.

After the visit, we had a dim sum lunch in the nearby restaurant. What a delightful day we all spent!


2023 August Workshop

On 23 August, HKSTA organized a workshop and invited Ms Catherine Law, a First grade (Somu) teaching member to lead members to play “miniature Ikebana”.

Ms Law demonstrated four miniature arrangements in four sets of different cute tiny containers, which were very interesting, amazing and inspiring.

The workshop was attended by 29 members and guests. They all enjoyed the afternoon with laughters, good food and beautiful flowers.


July Workshop

On 26 July 2023, HKSTA was pleased to invite our teaching member Ms ZHONG Yue Ying from Guangzhou to lead the workshop at Hong Kong Country Club. The theme of the workshop was” An arrangement with driftwoods”. Ms Zhong demonstrated three arrangements with different sizes and shapes of driftwoods and dried Azealea roots, which were very interesting, amazing and inspiring; in particular the last one composing with large windmill palms. The workshop was attended by 30 members who spent the whole afternoon happily with laughters, good food and beautiful flowers.


June Workshop

On 28 June 2023, HKSTA organized a workshop in Hong Kong Country Club, which was attended by 32 persons.

The workshop was led by Mrs Miranda Leung, Deputy Director. She taught us on an arrangement composing with branches – a Two-Step Approach re Text book 5 Lesson 14. She cannily showed us how to construct a free-standing composition using cut branches and wires as a first step. Next, she arranged the composition of branches in the container together with fresh materials, creating a fresh and inventive new look. The participating members enjoyed the workshop very much despite it was rather challenging.


May Workshop

On 24 May 2023, HKSTA were pleased to invite Mr. Cedric Tsang, a veteran interior designer and a second grade teacher of Sogetsu School to lead the workshop at HKCC.

The theme of the workshop was “A free Style Arrangement in a Self-made Bamboo Container”.

Mr. Tsang showed us the interesting and unique containers made by himself and taught us how to cut a four inches diameter bamboo into several pieces and bind them together by different methods to make a container.

The workshop was attended by 28 members who were amazed with the different methods taught in connecting the cut bamboos and enjoyed cutting the bamboos themselves.


Director’s Message

Dear Members,
I would like to express my deep gratitude to you all for re-electing me as the Director of HKSTA for 2023-25. Along with the newly elected Committee,

we shall strive to continue with the work of HKSTA in promoting the growth and advancement of the art of ikebana according to the spirit of Sogetsu School.

I would also like to welcome three new members, Fanny Lau, Aileen Yang and Lily Chen, to the 2023-25 Committee.
We will continue to organize more ikebana activities for our members in the new term. May I appeal to your continuous support and active participation in the activities of HKSTA.

Please pencil in your diary the dates of the activities shown on the attached Schedule of Events for 2023-24. The upcoming event will be the May Workshop to be held on 26th May 2023.

We have invited Mr Cedric Tsang to be the workshop leader who will teaches us how to make a container with bamboo, which is an opportunity not to miss. I look forward to seeing you in the workshop.
Once again, I would like to thank all members for your trust and continuous support given to me and the Committee. Wishing you all happiness and good health.

Janet Choi
Director, HKSTA


Photo: Committee members of 2023-2025


53rd Annual General Meeting, Talk on “Coffee Brewing”

After the AGM, we invited Ms Mandy Mok, an amateur coffee maker, to give us a talk on “Coffee Brewing”.
She also demonstrated how to brew coffee beans which exhibited a nutty sweet flavor. All 28 participating Members were fascinated by her interesting and informative talk.


Workshop Led by Master Teacher, Mr Tetsunori Kawana on 20 March 2023

On 20 March, we held two workshops in the morning and afternoon in the Bayview Room of the Hong Kong Country Club.  The workshops were led by Kawana Sensei, over 60 members attended the workshops. 

Under Sensei’s clear and methodical guidance, participants were able to make their arrangements creatively and uniquely.  Members had benefited a lot from the Master’s explanations and suggested  revisions for each arrangement. 

For junior members, it was a rare and valuable new experience. 
Special thanks to our First Deputy Director, Mrs Miranda Leung who helped in arranging the spacious venue, lunch and afternoon tea; also Sharon, Annie and Codana who helped in purchasing and handling the materials for the workshops.


HKSTA Demonstration by Master Teacher, Mr Tetsunori Kawana on 19 March 2023

HKSTA was honoured to have Master Instructor, Mr Kawana Tetsunori from Tokyo Sogetsu Headquarters to be the demonstrator of the finale floral demonstration of HKFS. 

Master Kawana staged a magnificent floral show.  He used the cut branches and leaves from Victoria Park to construct the base structures of four large arrangements,

he then changed their look by adding in beautiful hydrangeas, camilla, Japanese azalea, snow willows etc.  He even moved the arrangements around on the stage so as to showcase its space consciousness. 

All audience were amazed with his gorgeous, enchanting, powerful and inspiring performance.  A big applause to Kawana Sensei’s performance.
Special thank you to the stage crew members: Janet, Sharon, Elley, Annie, Cindy, Codana, Mimi, Aileen, Cedric, Connie, Fonny, Jack, Lily Chan, P H Cheung and Sunny.


Mr Kawana Sensei’s Performance at Eaton Club on 15 March 2023

Apart from performing in HKFS, Master Instructor Kawana was also invited by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong to perform Sogetsu Ikebana at Eaton Club on 15 March evening. 

Not surprisingly, Master Kawana’s demonstration was always very stunning and successful.  He demonstrated four pieces of traditional arrangements with cheerful spring flowers like cherry blossoms, camilla, snow willows, Japanese mognolia, dancing lady etc. 

Special appreciation to the stage crew members too.  They were Janeti, Sharon, Aileen, Elke, Fonny, Yuko and Jennifer.


2023 Hong Kong Flower Show (HKFS) Large Group Work Display, March 10-19 in Victoria Park, Hong Kong

HKSTA participated in the large group work display led by our First Deputy Director, Mrs Miranda Leung and Editor, Ms Elke Leung and Member, Ms Fonny Lau as Technical Advisor. 

We used bamboo mats and bamboo strips to create a giant installation floating in the air, high-lighted by Camilla, Hydrangea and Japanese Azalea placed underneath.  What a fantastic work it was! 
Our group work display was awarded the Merit Award for Unique Feature. Congratulations!
Special appreciation would be given to Janet, Sharon, Annie, Cindy, Codana, Kyoto, Noria, Rebecca, Betty, Jack, Lily and P H Cheung who had helped a lot in accomplishing the group work display.


Hatusike, New Year Celebration Lunch Gathering

On 5th January 2023, a total of 27 members including two guests from Toronto joined the Hatsuike at the Nadaman, Island Shangrila
Hotel,Hong Kong. Ms Sharon Chou, our Honorary Advisor, kindly led us create miniature arrangements by adding small pieces of flowers, leaves and petals into cute and unique
miniature ceramic/glass containers on spraying golden red color paper. Together with delicious Japanese food and exchange of gifts, we had a wonderful afternoon. We are grateful to AnnaMarie, our Honorary Advisor who assisted in arranging the venue and menu,

also Rebecca, Janet and Annie for lending the miniature containers.


2022 Sogetsu Annual Exhibition

The 2022 Annual Exhibition was successfully held on 4th to 6th November 2022 in the Hong Kong
Arts Centre, Pao Galleries.
- The theme was “Ikebana – A Living Art”.
- This year we showcased one large group work at the entrance, three small group works at 5/F
and 4/F and 60 individual creations, including 10 works from the Associate Members.

-We were honored to invite Ambassador Okada Kenichi, Consul-General of Japan in Hong Kong and Ms Tina Tai, Chief Leisure Manager of Greening Campaign of

Leisure and Culture Services Department to officiate the opening ceremony of our exhibition. Thanks!

- We recorded more than 1,500 visitors and the exhibition was very well received.


Note –
We uploaded about 100 more photos of the exhibition, all group work and individual
exhibits are covered. The link for access till 31st January 2023. Please click the link below and enjoy!


YouTube Link, please click the link below:


October Workshop

October Workshop was held on 19 October 2022
The workshop was led by our member, Ms KONG Siu Mui. She demonstrated
three unique, inspiring and interesting arrangements for the theme of “Keeping in mind the view
from below” by using New Zealand flax, Eustoma, Common Palms etc. Attended by 25 participants including three joined zoom and the workshop was very well received.


August Workshop

On 24 August 2022, we invited our member, Ms Mary Cheung, to give us a briefing on “The Fifty Principles of Sogetsu ” As Mary is very well versed with “The Fifty Principles of Sogetsu”, she was  able to give us a brilliant ad informative talk, which was also precisely illustrated by her well prepared PowerPoint.
To complement Mary’s talk, the Committee Members each had done an arrangement to elaborate the essence of the selected Principles.
A total of 40 members, including 10 who joined zoom, attended the workshop.
All participants enjoyed listening to Mary’s briefing very much and each brought home flower materials happily to practice the basic arrangements.


July Online Seminar by Mr Tetsunori Kawana, Master Teacher of Sogetsu School Headquarter

On 20 July2022, a total of 93 people including 51 people on site at HK Country Club and those who were at home or abroad attended the online seminar.

It was also joined by Ikebana friends from Singapore STA Branch, Moscow STA Branch and New Delhi Sogetsu School.
Mr Kawana’s masterly works and narration were amazing and inspirational.
He arranged a total of seven works in which he inspired us that we were not striving only to show a beautiful flower but to create Art with one’s unique creativity.

All participants enjoyed watching Mr Tetsunori Kawana’s demonstration very much.

His stunning works were met with everybody’s expectations without a doubt. Thank you, Kawana Sensei and HQ’s arrangement.

*the copyright of these arrangements photos belongs to the Sogetsu School Headquarter.


2022 June Workshop

On June 22, 2022, Hong Kong Country Club

Mrs Cindy Cannon led the workshop on the theme “The Fifty Principle of Sogetsu,
Principle 48 – Remember there are always new, surprising themes and approaches
to arranging ikebana”.

Attended by 28 persons including five joined zoom. Participants were amazed at her teaching of the new technique of intertwining the bamboo palms.



Annual General Meeting

The AGM was successfully held on 25th May 2022, started at 1:30 pm, in the Bayview Room of the Hong Kong Country Club. It was attended by 32 paid-up members.  

Members enjoyed the “Magic Box Surprise” very much and they put hands together to create four unique, interesting and beautiful arrangements.   

Please enjoy  photos below:


Hatusike Lunch_ 6th January 2022

We had 23 members joined Hatsuike event who made three arrangements for three tables using the following materials:

snow willows, pines re roses and mizuhiki. We had a great time together enjoying delicious Japanes cuisine, celebratory toasts with sake and a friendly




2021 Sogetsu Annual Exhibition Opening on 26th November 2021

We were honored to invite Ambassador Okada Kenichi, Consul-General of Japan in Hong Kong and Ms Tina Tai, Chief Leisure Manager of Greening Campaign of

Leisure and Culture Services Department to officiate the opening ceremony of our exhibition.


2021 Sogetsu Annual Exhibition, November 26-28, 2021

There are on big group work was showcased as well as three small group works and 56 members' personal creation.

The annual exhibition was very well received and successful with approximately 1,200 visitors.

Thanks to all for supporting our exhibition.



Outing to Tai O, Heritage Hotel, October 27, 2021




September Workshop: 29 September 2021

Theme: Ikebana in Motion

Total number of participants: 25, plus 10 joined zoom.

Ms. Elke Leung, member demonstrated three very impressive and inspiring arrangements with different
plant/flower materials. She presented vividly the expression of movements in her arrangements by placing the plant materials in different positions such as leaning forward or horizontally,

and inserting them in different angles like, front or back. Thus, creating a dynamic effect as if the arrangement is moving.


HKAFAS Exhibition on 25 & 26 September 2021

We were invited by HKAFAS to take part in the exhibition of its 20th Anniversary Floral Feast
in TST Community Hall. Ms. Miranda Leung, first Deputy Director who led an impressive, beautiful exhibition
using Green bamboos, Red washi papers and flowers like Gloriosa, Rosehip buds etc.


Our Director Janet Choi and Honorary Advisor Sharon Chou also personally participated in
the exhibition. Their works were very creative and striking.


HK STA August Workshop

Theme: Paying Attention to the Container and to the Place Where the Arrangement will be Put.
ref. Sogetsu Textbook 4, lesson 16
She used different kinds of plant materials like dragon willows, Iris leaves, Gerbera,
thin red dogwoods and aspidistra etc. to illustrate the theme clearly and inspiringly.
Total number of participants 35, including 10 joined zoom.



HK STA July Workshop

Theme: A composition of “The Beauty of all Green” ref. Sogetsu Textbook 5
Lesson 4.
Elley made 3 arrangements using different kinds of green plant materials
including aspidistra, eucalyptus, balloon cotton balls, green hydrangea, green
curved allium, green spider chrysanthemums, etc. to illustrate the beauty of
varying shades of green and the power of green. She presented the theme
clearly and illustratively.
Total number of participants: 34, 19 participants on site (HKCC), 15 members
joined via zoom workshop.



June Workshop led by Jennie, 2021 June 23

Theme: A composition of Mass and Line ref. Sogetsu Textbook 3 Lesson 4

Total number of participants: 38. (19 participants on site (HKCC), 19 members joined
the zoom workshop, including 1 with flower materials).

Jennie made 3 arrangements illustrating the contrast of 2 elements of Mass and Line.
Materials used in her arrangements included New Zealand flax and baby breath;
weeping willows and dancing orchids; bamboo grass and Prairie Gentian.

Her arrangements were beautiful, impressive and inspiring.  She presented
The theme clearly and illustrative.


2021 May Workshop at HKCC, 2021 May 31

19 Members participated (due to the government’s policy of restriction of 20persons for social gathering). Janet Choi, our director started by explaining Sogetsu’s Text Book 5 Lesson 19 on Relief Works,

A composition which was made on a flat base surfaces, it was called Reliefs. Dried, colored, bleached plant materials and even unconventional materials could be used for the arrangement.

No fresh plant materials were used. MS. Choi demonstrated how to fix the materials on a foam board by wiring and adhesive. She drew members’ attention on how to place materials on a flat base surface,

but it must be taken into account of balance, colors and open spaces if creating an abstract art, it was important that the 3-dimensional effect must if creating participating members enjoyed doing their own Relief Work

if creating work of each remember looked unique, creative and self-expressive. Thereafter, everyone enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea with small conversations among themselves. It was indeed an afternoon of laughter joy and good time.


2021 April Online Seminar- Course B at HKCC, 2021 April 28

Although it was our first attempt to conduct an on-line seminar, the Zoom seminar by Ms. Suike Sakaguchi,
master instructor of HQ went successfully on 28 April and was very well received by all the participants.
A total of 33 members benefited from this seminar.

The demonstration was gorgeous, inspiring and beautiful. The Zoom presentation of her lecture and live demonstration spoke themselves of the theme of “Expression on Space and Movement”.

We were amazed by the beautiful seasonal materials used in her arrangement, such as Azaleas, flowering Dogwoods, Vanda Orchids…etc.

This time the efficient meeting equipment was critical in our achieving the smooth and high-quality zoom connection from HQ.
Thanks to Headquarters, Ms. Suike Sakaguchi and the team of HKSTA.


HKSTA AGM 2021, 31 March 2021


Dear members,


I would like to inform all members that a new Director and two Deputy Directors were elected at our 51st Annual General Meeting held on 31 March, 2021.

Our new Director is Ms. Janet Choi and the two Deputy Directors are Ms. Miranda Leung and Ms. Elley Mao.  Their terms will be from 2021-2023.

I am grateful for all members’ past cooperation and support rendered to me and hope that you will also extend the same to our newly elected Directors.
Thank you very much.


Sharon Chou
Former Director (2019-2021)


Mr. Samson Ho, Landscape Consultant of Hunt Yen Consultants Ltd. Gave us a talk on how to arrange a mini moss landscape garden after AGM.

He started by giving us a brief introduction on Japanese garden and their design principles,

then followed by a hands-on demonstration of a mini rock Japanese garden in a 12 inches diameter round bowl.

Members were fascinated by the ways he made the garden with gravel, mud, stones, flat and round moss and mini asparagus plant.

Please enjoy!



Virtual " An Enchanting Spring" Demonstration, 2021 March 21

Due to the undesirable development of COVID-19 pandemic, the LCSD has announced the cancellation of the exhibitions,

competitions and demonstrations by local and overseas organizations in the 2021 Hong Kong Flower Show in March.
Yet, we still did the online demonstration as scheduled for March 21 to share the beauty and love of spring flowers with you all.

Hopefully the demonstration will keep everybody in good spirits in the midst of the pandemic.

Please click the link to enjoy the demonstration.

Thanks for your support!




 Virtual Lunar New Year Celebration Exhibition, 17 Februlary to 16 March 2021

17 February, 2021


Good Afternoon.

I am Sharon Chou, the Director of Hong Kong Branch of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our Virtual “Lunar New Year Celebration” Exhibition.

Current government measures of social distancing during Covid 19 pandemic, it was impossible to hold a Hatsuike event in January.  Therefore, we have decided to celebrate the Lunar New Year with an online exhibition instead.

Thanks to our members who take the challenge and show the tremendous enthusiasm and support, now I am proud to announce that this new normal of the exhibition will take place from 17 February.

Totally there are 34 gorgeous Ikebana arrangements packed with imagination and originality.

The title of the exhibition is "Lunar New Year Celebration ". It is a pity you cannot smell the beautiful flowers featured in the arrangements.  But please imagine yourself being in the gallery to celebrate the Chinese New Year together.

Thank you very much for taking time to log in to our Facebook/Instagram site. I am looking forward to your comments.
You can watch this exhibition for a month until 16 March 2021. We will appreciate if you can spread the words to your friends so that many people can enjoy it. 


Thank you.


Sharon Chou
Hong Kong Branch of the
Sogetsu Teachers’ Association






 Invitation: Virtual Lunar New Year Celebration Exhibition, 17 Februlary to 16 March 2021

Exhibition Title: Lunar New Year Celebration
Photo exhibition size: Free size of arrangement (but not smaller than 30cm width x 30cm depth) with clear background .jpg format and preferably in horizontal.
Eligibility: Full members, associate members under the guidance of their instructors

a/ One Ikebana arrangement with clear image and background
b/Details on the Container and Material used in English or both.
c/One self portrait with size 51x51cm (optional)
Date for photo submission: on or before 10 February 2021

Members works will be uploaded/posted on our Website, Facebook and Instagram on 17 Feb 2021

When edited into a video, it will be uploaded to YouTube to share too.

Please stay tuned and thank you.


Good news from Headquarters


Dear Members and ikebana lovers,


Please click the updated links below to enjoy the first ikebana creation in 2021
with English subtitles and a large creation from Iemoto Akane Teshigahara and creative works from Sogetsu Atelier staff.

Heartfelt thanks to HQ for sharing:

1. First creation in 2021 from Iemoto Akane Teshigahara

2. Iemoto Akane Teshigahara made her first creation in 2021, in front of the
beautiful screen by Sofu. Please enjoy the video with English subtitles.

Iemoto Akane's "Expressing My Thoughts with Ikebana by Akane Teshigahara” (attachment)
Iemoto Akane and Atelier staff made a large-scale work at Sogetsu Plaza in October 2020. It itself is a very interesting one to show the process of creation (no
subtitles for Iemoto's comment. Sorry.)
3. Sogetsu Atelier staff keep posting "ikebana at home" on Hana Project Instagram
Sogetsu Atelier staff keep posting "ikebana at home" on Hana
Project Instagram. There are also the photos of large works for Hotel
entrances created by the Master Instructors of the HQ.


Please stay safe and well.


2021 Hong Kong Flower Show

Due to the undesirable development of COVID-19 pandemic, the LCSD has recently announced the cancellation of the exhibitions , competitions and demonstrations by local and overseas organisations in the HKFS in March .
Yet, Sharon Chou, Janet Choi, Betty Cheung and Elke Leung will still do the online  demonstration as scheduled for March 21 to share  with you all the beauty

and love of spring flowers,hopefully the demonstration will keep everybody in good spirit in the midst of pandemic.


Arrangements to share from Hong Kong Sogetsu Members to all in January 2021

Please enjoy beautiful arrangements and stay safe.



2020 Virtual Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition, 27 Nov to 26 Dec 2020

Good Afternoon.
I am Sharon Chou, the Director of Hong Kong Branch of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association.
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our online 2020 Sogetsu Annual Exhibition.
As you are all aware that due to the government measure of social distancing during Covid 19 pandemic, it is not possible to hold a regular exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Therefore we have decided to have it online.
Our members take the challenge and show the tremendous enthusiasm, and now I am proud to announce that this unusual form of the exhibition shows Ikebana arrangements packed with the imagination, creativity and originality which Sogetsu School is known to be.
There are 47 works totally. 38 works are created by our full members, 9 by our associate members and 3 works are from our guest exhibitors from Ikebana International Singapore Chapter.
The title of the exhibition is "Autumn Blooming". It is a pity you cannot smell the beautiful flowers featured in the arrangements. But please imagine yourself being in the gallery and enjoy our interpretation of "Autumn Blooming".
Thank you very much for taking time to log in to our Facebook/Instagram site. I am looking forward to your comments.
You can watch this exhibition for a month until 27 December 2020. We will appreciate if you can spread the words to your friends so that many people can enjoy the show.
Thank you.

Sharon Chou



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Arrangements to share from Hong Kong Sogetsu Members to all in December 2020

Please enjoy beautiful arrangements and stay safe.


2020 October- Ikebana Arrangements from members

Invitation from I.I. Singapore Chapter

HKSTA was invited to participate in a Virtual Exhibition of FB & Instagram entitled "Inspirations from Mid-Autumn Festival” organized by Ikebana International Singapore Chapter 135.

Sharon Chou, Director and her two deputies Janet Choi, Deputy Director and Miranda Leung, Deputy Director also participated in the Exhibition. 

Recently we received a Thank you letter from Singapore Chapter 135 appreciating our support & participation at a time

when all of us around the world are experiencing the negative impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

They also hope the on-line exhibition will provide an opportunity for all flower lovers to come together, and strengthen their friendship through flowers.

The related photos from HKSTA for the virtual exhibition are posted and please enjoy.

CHOU Sharon, Director, STA HK
Container: Tall blue & black pattern ceramic vase
Materials: Berry of bead tree, Enkianthus pperulatus,Helianthus,Rose hip, Lilium,Eucalyptus, Chrysanthemum indicum, Bitter Sweet
Arrangement: Choosing 8 -type of floral materials to represent the various energies in nature.

Selecting a lantern and white angel hair to make circle with rattan, to create a vivid round moon shape so as to harmonize the Happy Mid-Autumn atmosphere!
Taking this opportunity to wish all Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and all the best in the years ahead!
Caption: 高高掛皎月,人人慶團圓 (Everyone is rejoicing under the bright shining moon)!


CHOI Janet, 1st Deputy Director, STA HK
Container: Tall black ceramic vase
Materials: Allium, Chamelaucium, New Zealand Flax, Painted black dried root and branches
Arrangement: Dawn- this arrangement gives an impression that the sun is coming up after the long dark night. The tips of the black branches are reaching towards the sun’s warmth.
There is light and hope, the vigorous Allium accompanied by the tiny white flowers and shredded flax promise new life. The tall black vase gives the arrangement a feeling of elegance and grandeur.


LEUNG Miranda, 2nd Deputy Director, STA HK
School: Sogetsu School
Container: Brown ceramic container
Materials: Yellow and orange leucospermun, Anigozanthos, Chestnut, Dried branches.
Caption: Summer heat may move slow but Autumn is already round the corner, watching, waiting …


2020 October- Ikebana Arrangements shared from members



2020 September- Ikebana Arrangements from Committee Members


STA HK 40th Anniversary with Iemoto Akane Teshigahara

In 2009, we were honoured to have Iemoto Akane Teshigahara to celebrate the STA 40th Anniversary with all STA HK Branch
and II HK Chapter members at the Hong Kong Olympic House. During the celebration, she gave a wonderful and memorable demonstration to all presence.
The photos for that occasion are attached. Hope we can all shared such a happy memory together again on our virtual community!


2020 August- Ikebana Arrangements from Committee Members

HK STA committee members share ikebana arrangements with members by newsletter. Please enjoy!


Hong Kong is now experiencing the 3rd wave of COVID-19. 

During this time, we should all be concerned primarily with our own health as well as that of our families and friends. We should not allow ourselves to be exposed to any health risk. Hence it is advisable to cancel our Ikebana classes as well as other social activities and to stay at home as much as possible. It seems that we will not be able to attend Ikebana classes for a while.
However, we have been enlightened by Iemoto Akane's message on her recent So newsletter in which she rightly pointed out that during such lockdown situation, and whilst it is most important to make efforts to avoid infection, we should not let ourselves physically and mentally exhausted. We should maintain strength in our mind.

Iemoto Akane has rightly pointed out that we should try to learn more during such lockdown period instead of just staying at home without any focus or aim or just panicking! We, as ikebana practitioners in the STA need to continue our team spirit by helping each other as well as maintaining our professional skill in such art.
In order to proceed with our continued learning concept, STA will now post the pictures of our past exhibition in 2018 so that all members can refresh our memories and learn the skills from other members in this exhibition. I hope that through such sharing, members can enjoy the joy of Ikebana in our home.
Please keep safe and healthy! Let us hope that such unpleasant situation will be over soon.
2020 July
然而,如家元 勅使河原茜在她最近的《「SO」雜誌通訊》中明確地指出,在這種封鎖情況下,雖然重點是要盡力避免受感染,我們不應該身心疲憊,而且要保持強的意志力。她指出在鎖定期間,我們應該嘗試學習更多,而不是僅僅留在家中卻失卻目標、焦點,或只是生活在恐慌中!

作為草月教師會 香港分會的會員,我們需要通過互相幫助去維持花道的專業技能及藝術的精神。
得到家元 茜的啓發,為了貫徹我們不斷學習的理念,草月教師會 香港分會將放上過往在灣仔茂羅街7號展示我們花藝展覽活動的圖片,以便會員可以喚回記憶並從中學習到插花技能。希望會員通過這次的分享,在家中也可以享受到花道的樂趣。
草月教師會 香港分會



2020 July- Ikebana Arrangements from Committee Members

HK STA committee members share ikebana arrangements with members by newsletter. Please enjoy!


 2020 AGM: 24 June, 2020

After AGM, followed by Mitsuhiki notes led by Sharon

After the meeting, the Director led a workshop called “Mitsuhiki Note”

Sharon showed how to do the “Awazu Musuvi” Which is widely used as a congratulatory decoration when people who want to receive gifts to express their respect and blessing.

It brings different experiences and fun for members.


Great News – The Sogetsu Hong Kong Branch’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are now set up and running.

Please register and visit as soon as possible and share all the instant news ...
 Facebook Name: Hong Kong Sogetsu Branch Link:
 Instagram Name: hk_sogetsu_branch Link: *
 If any members  who do not wish to have their own images show up on these websites, please notify email


** Online Demo – 

*** Hong Kong Sogetsu Branch Director Sharon Chou’s June 3 Online Demo***
*** Hong Kong Sogetsu Branch 1st Deputy Director Janet Choi June 10 Online Demo 


2020 Sogetsu Magazine Summer

Our Director, Ms. Sharon Chou was recently interviewed by the So Magazine in its series called "Sogetsu in Overseas and Study Groups" and her article is featured in its 2020 Summer edition.

In brief, the article is the overview of Ikebana in Hong Kong and the development of Sogetsu and STA Hong Kong Branch, namely its history and current activities. In particular,

she talked about the unfortunate cancellation of our 50th anniversary exhibition in November,

2019 due to the social disruptions as well as another cancellation of the replacement exhibition of the same in April this year due to the pandemic emergency measures by the Hong Kong Government. Our Director also shares her learning and teaching experiences and her personal achievements over the years. All members are invited to read the article at your leisure.
More information
To order, please contact us with the following.
Publishing Department, Sogetsu Bunnkajigyo Co., Ltd.
4F Sogetsu Kaikan, 7-2-21, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052


2020 June- Ikebana Arrangements

STA committee members share ikebana arrangements with members by newsletter. Please enjoy!


2020 May- Ikebana Arrangements from Committee Members

Owing to the pandemic of Covid-19 and response to HK government to keep social distance for not more than 8 persons, we had cancelled our May workshop.
So STA committee members had provided arrangements to share with members by newsletter. Please enjoy!



2020 April- Ikebana Arrangements from Committee Members

Owing to the pandemic of Covid-19 and response to HK government to stay home and keep social distance, we had cancelled our April workshop.
So STA committee members had provided arrangements to share with members by newsletter. Please enjoy!


【Iemoto Video Message】Message of Sympathy over COVID-19

With COVID-19 spreading across the border, Iemoto Akane Teshigahara has posted the voice message.
Please visit the sites below to watch the video. (Japanese/Chinese) (English/Chinese) (Japanese/ English/Chinese)


Ikebana Teaching at Rosaryhill School- January 15, 2020

STAHK was invited by the Rosaryhill Secondary School to run four sessions of Sogetsu learning workshops on January 15 for more than 70 Form 2 students during the Japanese Cultural Week.

During the workshops, Mr. KoidaTomofumi , Director, Public Relations & Cultural Affairs Division and Ms. Kiku Chiu, the Secretary to the Director of the Consulate-General of Japan in HK had visited us.

Thanks to the support from Consulate-General of Japan in HK and Rosaryhill School.


Hatsuike- 2020 New Year Celebration Lunch – Wednesday Janurary 8, 2020

We did "Hatsuike" in Renka style, which was first adopted by the third Head Master, Hiroshi Teshigahara as a new way to create the group arrangement. In a large container or containers, each participant inserts a branch or a flower one after another. With the addition of new material, the arrangement will change the appearance.  We all observe its changing aspect of floral arrangement and enjoy as a whole in the end.
After toasting with home-made, very "authentic", plum wine, we enjoyed Japanese "bento" lunch.   We exchanged small gifts as usual. Next the result of the silent auction of the two scrolls of calligraphy work by our Head Master, Sofu Teshigahara held at the 50th Anniversary Celebration Lunch.
The finale of the party was to create our video message to the current Head Mistress, Akane Tashigahara to celebrate her 60th birthday. We all sat in front of our arrangement and golden screen, and sang the birthday song for her in English and Chinese.

Happy Birthday to our Head Mistress Akane and we wish you happiness and health for the year 2020!


The Hong Kong Branch of Sogetsu Teachers’ Association-The "Golden Anniversary" Exhibition

Date: APRIL 2-5, 2020
Venue:Hong Kong Arts Centre, Pao’s Galleries
The detailed news will be announced later.


HK Branch of the Sogetsu Teachers’ Association 50th Anniversary Celebration Lunch held on November 23, 2019 at Dynasty Club

It is a major milestone and the Association has planned for its Golden Anniversary celebration in the month of November 2019. Unfortunately, with the unstable social situation, we had to delay the Exhibition. Yet we had kept the celebration Luncheon which all participated fully enjoyed. Mr. Minozu Zushi, husband of the late Marie, came to say hello before the start of the Lunch. Thanks!

We are honored to have our VIPs, Mr. and Mrs. Wada (Ambassador and Consul General of Japan), Ms. Tina Tai (Acting Chief Leisure Manager-Green Campaign) and Ms. Alice Ho, (Leisure Manager Community Activity LCSD) to join us on the day. We were also so pleased to have Mrs. Evans, HKSTA life advisor/ past director join us on the day.


STA HK Workshop- Wednesday October 23, 2019

Theme: Small and Simple
Material: Dried bamboo poles, Freesia, Dalia, Chamelaucium, Dianthus......


HK STA Workshop –Wednesday September 25, 2019

Theme: Book4 (9) Disassembling and Rearranging the Materials
Materials: Camelia, Rose......


HK STA Worksho in Kowloon IslandSaturday Aug 31, 2019

Theme: Arranging from Behind Nageire (free style)
Materials: Sorbus, celosia,newzealand flax, ChinaBerry, lily, palm leaf, bird of paradise



HK STA Workshop – Wednesday July 24, 2019

Theme: Mini Bamboo Installation

Materials: Bamboo split, Camelia, Oncidium......


HK STA Workshop – Wednesday 19 June, 2019

Theme: Composition Using Unconventional Materials (Text Book 5-7)
Materials: Plastic box for holding oises, Tin foil......


HK STA Outing to Tai Kwun- Centre for Heritage & Arts– Wednesday 19 June, 2019

With good weather, we toured around the large complex comprising of new and landmark buildings with arts show, antique store, bars and eateries.

We learnt the whole history of the former central police station; we also visited the cell block and the former central magistracy.  We all enjoyed the visit at Tai Kwun.


2019 April Workshop – Wednesday 24 April, 2019

Theme: Changing Wine Bottles

Containers: Wine Bottles

Materials: Horsetail, Eustoma, Limonium, Panicum.......


 2019 AGM: 3 April, 2019

Theme: Horticultural Therapy

After AGM, followed by Horticultural Therapy programme by Connie

She explained that plants or flowers can bring therapeutic effect to a person who engages with it.

It can be through gardening, arranging flowers or just being around in the nature.


2019 March Workshop with Otani Mika Sensei- Monday 25 March 2019

Theme: Create a living sculpture.

Theme: Create movement with branches.


2019 HKFS Demonstration at Victoria Park - Sunday 24 Mar 2019

Ms. Otani Mika, a Riji teacher from Japan, gave a demonstration on 2019 March 24 at HKFS. Titled “Adventure with Flowers”. We are honored to invite Mr. Ambassador & Consul General of Japan and Mrs. Wada and 2019 HKFS Director, Ms. Or, and sincerely thanks for their coming and supporting. The show was a success despite of rain, it attracted many ikebana lovers and general public with warm applause.

Title: Adventure with Flowers


2019 HKFS group exhibition, March 15-24, 2019

The group exhibit awarded "Grand Award for Unique Feature" at the Hong Kong Flower Show of Displays Section (Local).


2019 Feb Workshop – Wednesday 27th Feb, 2019

Theme: Container with A Twist
Venue: HKCC
Materials:exhaust pipe, Split bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Ruscus...



2019 Hatsuike Lunch – Wednesday January 9


2018Annual Exhibition, Nov 23-25, 2018

This year, the Annual STA Exhibition was successfully held at 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai. It was well received and attended by more than 800 viewers during those 3 days event.

Two group-works and 42 individual exhibits attracted a lot of praises from visitors.

Our heartfelt appreciation to Mrs. Naoko Hirota, the wife of the Acting Consul General of Japan, and Ms. Wendy Or, Chief Leisure Manager of LCSD, for participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony.



2018Textbook 5 Training Session using DVD – Wednesday October 31

Venue: Hong Kong Country Club
There are 76 Sogetsu teachers and learners attended this Textbook 5 training session.  
The committee set up 8 arrangements illustrating lessons from the new textbook,
intending to provide some actual examples.
The attendees received their certificates and left the room happily around 4:30pm.


2018 September Workshop – Wednesday 26th Sep 2018

 Theme: Composition with Towel Origami
Materials: Towels, Dragon willow, Eucalyptus leaf and Pincushion


Textbook 5 Training Session using DVD – Wednesday October 31, 2018

Venue: Hong Kong Country Club
There are 76 Sogetsu teachers and learners attended this Textbook 5 training session.  
The committee set up 8 arrangements illustrating lessons from the new textbook,
intending to provide some actual examples.
The attendees received their certificates and left the room happily around 4:30pm.


HK STA Aug 2018 Workshop – Wednesday Aug 29, 2018

 Theme: Textbook 5 – 20 “complementing an art work”
Materials:Materials: Longbracted Cymbidium, Chamelaucium, Rose


HK STA July 2018 Workshop – Wednesday July 25, 2018

Theme:    Water

Materials: Newzealand flax, Still grass, Sun flower and Anthurium


HK STA June Workshop – Wednesday June 27, 2018

Theme:    Arranging from Behind
Materials:Dracaena reflexa, Pokeweeds, Chrysanthemum, Cotton Milkbush...etc.


April Arrangement for the 14th Asian Regional Conference of Ikebana International

In April 2018 most of our members were busy helping with the organization of the 14th ARC of Ikebana International. Our association was asked to be in charge of the table arrangements of the Welcome and Sayonara Dinner.
The ones for the Welcome Dinner were left in natural color, standing on a base of white dried wood and spindle tree branches, with red/green anthurium and asparagus fern for accent.



AGM of The STA HK Branch- 2018 May 23

The meeting was followed by a presentation from a special guest, Mr. Rico Chan, Founder and CEO of Beyond Vision Projects. He explained that the mission and goal of his social enterprise is to enhance the quality of life of people who visually impaired and of elderly with low vision by providing Tactile Audio Interaction System services. The tool will enable them to understand and engage visual information through touching and hearing the audio description. We appreciate Mr. Rico Chan for his inspiring presentation.



Workshop with Sawada Sensei –  March 26, 2018 (Monday) at HKCC

Workshop #1     : Vertical Fixture, Textbook 5, lesson 2
Workshop #2 : Glass Container, Textbook 5, lesson 13

Materials: Dragon willow, Cherry Blossom, Patrified willow, Newzealand flax, Dendrobium, Sunflower......etc.



2018 Ikebana Demonstration at HKFS on March 25, 2018

We are honoured to have Ms Kouei Sawada, a master instrutor from Sogetsu Headquarters to be the demonstrator for this year’s HK Flower Show. We are honored to have Mrs. Matsuda, the wife of the Consulate General of Japan, and Mr & Mrs Iwagahara,Deputy Consul General of Japan with his wife. The show hugely enjoyed by many ikabanists and general public alike.
Title: Awakening.


2018 Hong Kong Flower Show group exhibition, March 16-25, 2018

The group exhibit awarded "Grand Award for Design Excellence" at the Hong Kong Flower Show, Local Displays Section


2018 February 28 Workshop

Theme:    “Arrangement emphasizing Lines”

Materials: Horsetail, Anthurium, Alstroemeria, Red dog wood, Newzealand flax, Chrysanthemum


2018 Jan 24 workshop

Theme: Chinese New Year Arrangement
Material: Pussy willow, Pine, Chrysanthemum, Dalia


2018 Jan 10 Hatsu-ike Lunch

Theme: Table arrangement
Materials: Japanese quince, Newzeland flax, Spray Rose, White wood


2017 Annual Exhibition, Opening

We are honored to have Mrs. Matsuda, the wife of the Consulate General of Japan, and Ms. Wendy Or, Chief Leisure Manager of LCSD, for participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony. Sincerely thanks! The annual event received a lot of praise and acted the part of a splendid finale to the Branch’s events in 2017 and it attracted hundreds of viewers visited.


2017Annual Exhibition, Nov 24-26, 2017

This year, the HK STA was back to our usual venue for the annual exhibition in the Pao Gallery of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, refurbished and looking fresh …  With 2 group works and more than 40 individual exhibits. Some of the individual exhibition can be see in Gallery page.


2017 Oct 25 Workshop

Title: Let's work in groups

Materials: Monstera, Anthurium, Eustoma, Nerine


Workshop with Ishikawa Sensei –  September 27, 2017 (Wednesday) at HKCC

Title: Composing with Branches-A Two-step Approach

Materials: Philodenron, Dragon Willow, Gladiolus, Oncidium, Allium, Newzeland flax, Perch wood.



Text Book 5 – Special Traing Session - September 26, 2017 (Tuesday) at the HKCC

There are over 80 Sogetsu learners, gathering together at HKCC, a whole day session started at 9:30am. With 2 videos from Iemoto, Akane Teshigahara and 10 arrangements demonstrated by our master teacher, Ms. Ishikawa Misei. All participants learnt a lot about the new syllabus.
All participants left happily before 5pm with their certificate for the new Textbook.


2017 July 26 Workshop

Theme: Arrangement with a Basket
Materials: Sun flower (Helianthus), Asparagus, Eustoma, Cockscomb......etc.


2017 June 28 Workshop

  Theme: Expression on Movement
Materials: New Zealand flax, Alstroemeria, Typha orientalis Presl......etc.


2017 May 28 Workshop

Theme: Running wild with imagination using dried or bleached or unconventional materials

Title: Dried Palm, Plastic string, Allium, Dried wood, Monstera leave, and Chrysanthemum…etc.


2017 Apr 26 Workshop

  Theme:Green plant materials
Materials: Palm, Green Anthurium, Horsetail, Bird nest leaves and China tree.



2017 March 20, Workshop with Nishiyama Sensei

Title: Cross-bar Fixture and Composition Using Unconventional Materials
Materials: Vines, Branch bearing black berry and Rose; Japanese Quince, Euphorbia, and Green Eustoma


Title: Composition Using Unconventional Materials
Materials: Plastic wire net and green anthurium; Steel balls, Ranunculus and Tulip petals;
Aluminum sheet and Vanda.



HKFS Demonstration: 2017 March 19

Ms. Kosa Nishiyama, a master instractor from Japan, gave a demonstration on 2017 March 19 at HKFS.

Titled “Variations of a Spring Breeze”. Her wonderful performance received warm applause from the audience.



2017 Feb 22 Workshop

Title: Calla Lily and Red dogwood
Materials: Calla Lily, Red Dogwood and Euphorbia


2016 Annual Exhibition Opening Ceremony, 25-28 November 2016

Our Annual Exhibition kicked off with the ribbon cutting ceremony, performed by jointly by Mrs. Matsuda, the wife of the Consul General of Japan and Ms. Wendy Or, Chief Leisure Manager (Green Campaign) of LCSD. A toast was given and guests were invited to view the exhibition.

Albeit that our Annual Exhibition took place in a much smaller venue, there were 3 group arrangements and 36 individual creations with the theme of “ Flower Message” in different shapes, form, materials and containers. It went successfully and attracted about 600 hundred people.


2016 Annual Exhibition Group Works

There are Three group works on 2 levels of CC Wu Building in Wanchai.


HK STA Sep Workshop – September 28, 2016

Theme:Cogon grass as Roofing material

Materials: Cogon grass, Snow berry, Red orchid, Newzealand fax and Lily grass.


HK STA Aug Workshop – Thursday August 18, 2016

Theme: Create a free and airy Nageire arrangement

Materials: Eucalyptus, Chrysamthum, Calla Lily.......


HK STA July Workshop - Wednesday 27 July, 2016

Theme: Fun Devices supporting Flowers

Materials: Lily Grass, Oncidium, Heliconai

June Workshop – Wednesday, 22 June, 2016

Theme: Fun Devices supporting Flowers
Materials: Horse tail, Cockscomb, Gerbera...etc.


May Outing - Wednesday 25 May 2016, Visit to Old Tai Po Police Station


A talk and demonstration on fixing techniques of wood and bamboo after AGM, Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Leader: Mr. Cheung

Materials: Bamboo poles and wood


2016 HKFS Exhibition

STA HK used the Dragon willow and Vanda to create the group exhibit. The duration is from 11 – 20 March. The exhibit won the Grand Award for Unique Feature of HKFS 2016.

Leader: Mr. Ho


Demonstration at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2016

Ms. Misei Ishikawa, a Master instructor and RIJI at the Sogetsu Headquarters gave us a wonder demonstration on 20th March at the HKFS with the title of “Vitality”.

The demonstration attracted more than 400 public, the distinguished guests, ikebana friends on the day. The program ended in warm applause, and with great success.



March Workshop with Ishikawa Sensei– Wednesday, 21 March 2016

Theme: Repeating Similar Forms and Shapes
Materials: Alstroemeria and Lucky bamboo; New Zealand flax and Pincushion

Theme: Disassembling and rearranging the materials
Materials: Gypsophila and Hydrangea; Viburnum

February  Workshop – Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Theme: Using of Wood
Materials: wood, steel grass, dried colored moss


January Workshop - Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Theme: The way of arranging ikebana from the back

Materials: Peach, Chrysanthmum


2015 Annual Exhibition Opening Ceremony

Our Annual Exhibition kicked off on 27 November by the ribbon cutting ceremony, performed jointly by Mrs. Matsuda and Mr. Horace Cheung. There are 3 groups works and 38 individual arrangement and attracted hundreds of visitors from 27 to 29 November this year.  After a short speech by AnnaMarie, a toast was given and guest were invited to view the exhibition.



2015 Annual Exhibition Group Works

The three group works got lots of compliments. Ms. Sumura Eikou, Master Teacher from Sogetsu Headquarters in Tokyo, started her arrangement with the help of her daughter Okubo Yasuka and her assistant Mochizuki Hiroshi in the lift lobby in the signature Sogetsu bamboo style. Mrs. Ebuchi Yoko made a “big construction” with the big wall which showed the real power of flowers. Sharon Chou created a “floating” arrangement in the small room.


September Workshop - Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015

Theme: Conversing with Space

Materials: Palm, Chrysanthmum, Cockscomb


July workshop–Wednesday, 22  July, 2015

Theme: Combination of Dried Palm and Cedar
Materials: Dried palm, Cedar and Orchid.


June workshop–Wednesday, 24  June, 2015

Theme: Grass Composition
Materials: Dried Straw, Steel Grass, Ophiopogon, Fountain Grass, Miscanthus or Susuki (variegated) and Gerbera.


HKFS 2015 Exhibition

We used about 28 pieces of fresh bamboo poles to form structure and support of the exhibition work.  The beige reed and colored rattan blinds were twisted in different forms to create the mass and movement.

Adding the fresh fox face and heliconia, enhanced the vitality and contrast to the dry material of the whole arrangement. The group exhibit got the Unique Feature Special Award.


HKFS 2015 Demonstration

Mr. Hinata Yoichi, a Master instructor and RIJI at the Sogetsu Headquarters, gave us a wonderful demonstration on  29th  March at the HKFS. The demonstration was a big success on the day.



2014 Annual Exhibition Opening Ceremony

The HKSTA Annual Exhibition at the Arts Centre from 28 November – 30 November 2014.
As usual, the exhibition attracted many hundreds of visitors including overseas supporters over the whole period. A lot of thanks to all!
Besides, we are much honored to have Mrs. Noda and Mr. Horace Cheung as our special guest on 28 November again. Many thanks!


2014 Annual Exhibition Group Works

The three group works got lots of compliments.

1. The attractive display with the reed blinds against the black walls.

2. Using ladders at the bottom of the big wall as well as the unique wall panels fashioned from dried grass

3. The mysterious display in the small room with paper, dried and fresh plant materials spiced with red peppers!
33 individual exhibits were featured ranging from the traditional, creative and express oneself. Please see the gallery page for some of the arrangements.



HKFS 2014 Exhibition

STAHK used the 3 colored rattans to create the group exhibit, together with dyed windmill palm, kalanchoe and turf from 17-26 March.

The exhibit won the Grand Award for Unique Feature of HKFS 2014.

Leader: AnnaMarie


HKFS 2014 Demonstration

Mr. Ken Katayama, a Master instructor and RIJI at the Sogetsu Headquarters, gave us a wonderful demonstration on 16th March at the HKFS.

The demonstration was a big success on the day.


2013 Annual Exhibition Opening

The Exhibition, held on 29 November 2013-1 December 2014 at the H.K. Arts Centre, Wan chai, was a great success as ever and attracted hundreds of visitors. There were 43 individual's ikebana creations as well as 3 group works. Please view here for the  group works  and gallery for some of the individual arrangements. This year many guests and friends come to attend the opening ceremony on 29th December, bringing a lot of the glory to the exhibition.


2013 Annual Exhibition Group Works

The work at the entrance featured bamboo, drift wood, dried palm sheaves, camellia branches, dancing lady orchids and glories. The dried rubber tree leaves floated from the arrangement to the ceiling in elegant lines, creating a light and airy feeling. A truly exquisite creation to greet our guests!
The very fine bamboo pieces had been wired to form squares of different sizes. These squares were placed at different angles giving depth and colored bamboo strips were added as accents.  The created round shapes plus huge irregular mass made the connection from the wall to the platform below. The arrangement got its final touch with the wonderful red of the gloriosa lilies.
Two fences like constructions with on hundred pieces of dogwood, branches, grasses, New Zealand flax came to be after six small trees were securely fastened vertically to iron sands. All the mentioned materials were wired onto it horizontally. Creating an interesting structure in red, green and brown with a bit of yellow. The two “fences” were shifted slightly apart to give some depth to the work.


2013 HKFS Exhibition

STA HK combined dried and colored fresh Traveler’s Palm Flower to create space and movement. The floor was covered with the fresh turf for the contract as well as the reflection.

Three different colors of the dendrobium in the big shallow containers had been added to become a focus of the whole. The exhibit won the Special Award for Unique Feature of HKFS 2013.

Leader: Mrs. Evans

Demonstration at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2013

This year, Ms. Eikou Sumura, a Master Instructor from the Headquarters, visited Hong Kong with her daughter and gave us a creative demonstration on 24 March. She created 6 arrangements. For the last one, she used the box stands with palm and thick vine to create structure.

Four big containers had been put in different place to display different materials. The green Love-lies-bleeding & Asparagus &, yellow Forthysia, Limonium, red hydrangea contrasted with one another well and it was  interesting.

Ikebana Installation for the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2013

The Ikebana Installation by HKSTA for the 41st H K Arts Festival will be placed for the HK Arts Festival patrons and the public to

enjoy from on the G/F., Cultural Centre, Tsimshatsui from 20 February until 24 March 2013. You are welcome with free admission.


STA Annual Exhibition at Arts Center 2012

Our Annual Exhibition went very successfully and was well attended, same as last year.


Group works

The bamboo poles stand securely first before the moss covered wood was attached to give the structure more stability.

Glorious bittersweet was added, flowing from one bamboo pole to the next and Birds of Paradise flowers inserted in the cut out windows of the bamboo poles.

The final touch was added with the split bamboo, which had been painted in purple, to create lines and finish an impressive arrangement to greet the visitors.


In the small room, Fresh split bamboo had been assembled into a ball where some dried sago palm had already been inserted.

Fresh leaves were added as well as some red berries put inside and the ball hung from the ceiling. The walls were decorated with dried sago palms,

mostly on the upper parts in order to draw the eyes towards the ball in the middle of the room. Lighting additionally emphasized the structure.


The 5th floor created the desired layout for the wall. Hanging these woods on the wall was ably done.

Lovely shadows were created and a simple but utterly suitable "after the typhoon" arrangement came to be.


Demonstration at the HKFS 2012

On 25 March, Mrs. Yoko Ebuchi, an experience teacher from Japan, has given a demonstration by using Japanese materials during the HKFS, which the audience enjoyed very much.



HKFS Exhibition 2012 (16-25 March)

STA HK used the Cedar Veneer to create the group exhibit for a challenge, together with windmill palm, hydrangea, colored bamboo and wooden frames. The exhibit won the Grand Award for Unique Feature of HKFS 2012.


Flower Arrangement for City Hall 50th Anniversary

STA put up a big arrangement in the foyer of HK City Hall, Central (Lower Block) for celebrating the City Hall 50th Anniversary for the HK Arts Festival Patrons to enjoy from Feb 7 until Mar 6, 2012.



Annual Exhibition 2011

The Exhibition, held on 25-27 November 2011 at the H.K. Arts Centre, Wanchai, was a great success and attracted hundreds of visitors.

There were 30 individuals’ ikebana creations as well as 3 big group works. If you missed it, pleaseview here for the groups and gallery for some of the individual arrangements.

Demonstration at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2011

The demonstration, conducted by Ms. Suikei Sakaguchi, Master Instructor from Sogetsu Headquarters, was a great success. She gave a step-by-step demonstration of 8 arrangements together with a simple and clear explanation of arranging procedures and techniques. For the final arrangement, she brought out a big wooden structure and invited a few members of STA HK on stage to create a free style display with white non-woven cloth and various kinds of giant green leaves. The arrangement turned out to appear as if a lady was posing in a white dress.

Hong Kong Flower Show 2011

The exhibit of STA HK received the Grand Award for Design Excellence. The black bamboo strips decorated with colorful panes of washi paper were hung high. The thick black wavy lines could be clearly spotted even from a far distance. It was very eye-catching!


Demonstration at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2007

Ms. Koka Fukushima has have been staging remarkable ikebana demonstration in our Hong Kong Flower Show in 2007

In order to refresh your memories, the relevant photos for the events are attached for your viewing.


















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