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The Hong Kong Branch of Sogetsu Teachers’ Association – 50th Anniversary Events

Please mark your dates and join us at these memorable events:

- Annual Exhibition, November 22- 24, at  the Hong Kong Arts Centre. (Admission free)

- Demonstration by Master Teacher, Ms Eikou Sumura on Saturday 23 November,

3:30pm to 4:30pm, Arts Centre , 4th floor, Gallery B.


Porfile of Master Instructor, Ms. SUMURA Eikou

Ikebana Artist

EIKOU SUMURA is a unique ikebana artist, renowned for her use of a diverse range of natural materials beyond the usual fresh flowers and plants. Flower petals, fallen leaves and branches from roadside trees have all been featured in her acclaimed works, noted for the way they "renew life", bringing otherwise discarded or neglected plants back to life as beautiful ikebana art for everyone to enjoy.

Her creations bring out and enhance not only the beauty but also the brilliance and essential elements of the plants she uses. She has made it her lifework to introduce people around the globe to the Japanese art of ikebana, and has made extensive trips on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to countries the world over.

Her permanent ikebana installations, changed monthly, welcome you at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo, and at the Tokyu Capitol Tower in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan.

EIKOU SUMURA is an ikebana artist, space designer, instructor, and stage art creator. She is Founder and Chair of the IKEBANA ATRIUM, an ikebana shop and gallery in Tokyo. She is also a Master Instructor and RIJI at the Sogetsu Headquarters, Trustee of the Sogetsu-kai Foundation, Special Member of the Japan Ikebana Art Association, Trustee of the Ikebana Society, and Full Member of the Japan Design Space Association.

For more information or visuals, please contact us at info@ikebana-atrium.com or visit EIKOU SUMURA’s website at www.sumuraeikou.com .




STA HK Workshop- Wednesday October 23, 2019

Theme: Small and Simple
Material: Dried bamboo poles, Freesia, Dalia, Chamelaucium, Dianthus......


HK STA Workshop –Wednesday September 25, 2019

Theme: Book4 (9) Disassembling and Rearranging the Materials
Materials: Camelia, Rose......


HK STA Worksho in Kowloon IslandSaturday Aug 31, 2019

Theme: Arranging from Behind Nageire (free style)
Materials: Sorbus, celosia,newzealand flax, ChinaBerry, lily, palm leaf, bird of paradise



HK STA Workshop – Wednesday July 24, 2019

Theme: Mini Bamboo Installation

Materials: Bamboo split, Camelia, Oncidium......


HK STA Workshop – Wednesday 19 June, 2019

Theme: Composition Using Unconventional Materials (Text Book 5-7)
Materials: Plastic box for holding oises, Tin foil......


HK STA Outing to Tai Kwun- Centre for Heritage & Arts– Wednesday 19 June, 2019

With good weather, we toured around the large complex comprising of new and landmark buildings with arts show, antique store, bars and eateries.

We learnt the whole history of the former central police station; we also visited the cell block and the former central magistracy.  We all enjoyed the visit at Tai Kwun.


2019 April Workshop – Wednesday 24 April, 2019

Theme: Changing Wine Bottles

Containers: Wine Bottles

Materials: Horsetail, Eustoma, Limonium, Panicum.......


 2019 AGM: 3 April, 2019

Theme: Horticultural Therapy

After AGM, followed by Horticultural Therapy programme by Connie

She explained that plants or flowers can bring therapeutic effect to a person who engages with it.

It can be through gardening, arranging flowers or just being around in the nature.


2019 March Workshop with Otani Mika Sensei- Monday 25 March 2019

Theme: Create a living sculpture.

Theme: Create movement with branches.


2019 HKFS Demonstration at Victoria Park - Sunday 24 Mar 2019

Ms. Otani Mika, a Riji teacher from Japan, gave a demonstration on 2019 March 24 at HKFS. Titled “Adventure with Flowers”. We are honored to invite Mr. Ambassador & Consul General of Japan and Mrs. Wada and 2019 HKFS Director, Ms. Or, and sincerely thanks for their coming and supporting. The show was a success despite of rain, it attracted many ikebana lovers and general public with warm applause.

Title: Adventure with Flowers


2019 HKFS group exhibition, March 15-24, 2019

The group exhibit awarded "Grand Award for Unique Feature" at the Hong Kong Flower Show of Displays Section (Local).


2019 Feb Workshop – Wednesday 27th Feb, 2019

Theme: Container with A Twist
Venue: HKCC
Materials:exhaust pipe, Split bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Ruscus...



2019 Hatsuike Lunch – Wednesday January 9


2018Annual Exhibition, Nov 23-25, 2018

This year, the Annual STA Exhibition was successfully held at 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai. It was well received and attended by more than 800 viewers during those 3 days event.

Two group-works and 42 individual exhibits attracted a lot of praises from visitors.

Our heartfelt appreciation to Mrs. Naoko Hirota, the wife of the Acting Consul General of Japan, and Ms. Wendy Or, Chief Leisure Manager of LCSD, for participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony.



2018Textbook 5 Training Session using DVD – Wednesday October 31

Venue: Hong Kong Country Club
There are 76 Sogetsu teachers and learners attended this Textbook 5 training session.  
The committee set up 8 arrangements illustrating lessons from the new textbook,
intending to provide some actual examples.
The attendees received their certificates and left the room happily around 4:30pm.


2018 September Workshop – Wednesday 26th Sep 2018

 Theme: Composition with Towel Origami
Materials: Towels, Dragon willow, Eucalyptus leaf and Pincushion


Textbook 5 Training Session using DVD – Wednesday October 31, 2018

Venue: Hong Kong Country Club
There are 76 Sogetsu teachers and learners attended this Textbook 5 training session.  
The committee set up 8 arrangements illustrating lessons from the new textbook,
intending to provide some actual examples.
The attendees received their certificates and left the room happily around 4:30pm.


HK STA Aug 2018 Workshop – Wednesday Aug 29, 2018

 Theme: Textbook 5 – 20 “complementing an art work”
Materials:Materials: Longbracted Cymbidium, Chamelaucium, Rose


HK STA July 2018 Workshop – Wednesday July 25, 2018

Theme:    Water

Materials: Newzealand flax, Still grass, Sun flower and Anthurium


HK STA June Workshop – Wednesday June 27, 2018

Theme:    Arranging from Behind
Materials:Dracaena reflexa, Pokeweeds, Chrysanthemum, Cotton Milkbush...etc.


April Arrangement for the 14th Asian Regional Conference of Ikebana International

In April 2018 most of our members were busy helping with the organization of the 14th ARC of Ikebana International. Our association was asked to be in charge of the table arrangements of the Welcome and Sayonara Dinner.
The ones for the Welcome Dinner were left in natural color, standing on a base of white dried wood and spindle tree branches, with red/green anthurium and asparagus fern for accent.



AGM of The STA HK Branch- 2018 May 23

The meeting was followed by a presentation from a special guest, Mr. Rico Chan, Founder and CEO of Beyond Vision Projects. He explained that the mission and goal of his social enterprise is to enhance the quality of life of people who visually impaired and of elderly with low vision by providing Tactile Audio Interaction System services. The tool will enable them to understand and engage visual information through touching and hearing the audio description. We appreciate Mr. Rico Chan for his inspiring presentation.



Workshop with Sawada Sensei –  March 26, 2018 (Monday) at HKCC

Workshop #1     : Vertical Fixture, Textbook 5, lesson 2
Workshop #2 : Glass Container, Textbook 5, lesson 13

Materials: Dragon willow, Cherry Blossom, Patrified willow, Newzealand flax, Dendrobium, Sunflower......etc.



2018 Ikebana Demonstration at HKFS on March 25, 2018

We are honoured to have Ms Kayoko Sawada, a master instrutor from Sogetsu Headquarters to be the demonstrator for this year’s HK Flower Show. We are honored to have Mrs. Matsuda, the wife of the Consulate General of Japan, and Mr & Mrs Iwagahara,Deputy Consul General of Japan with his wife. The show hugely enjoyed by many ikabanists and general public alike.
Title: Awakening.


2018 Hong Kong Flower Show group exhibition, March 16-25, 2018

The group exhibit awarded "Grand Award for Design Excellence" at the Hong Kong Flower Show, Local Displays Section


2018 February 28 Workshop

Theme:    “Arrangement emphasizing Lines”

Materials: Horsetail, Anthurium, Alstroemeria, Red dog wood, Newzealand flax, Chrysanthemum


2018 Jan 24 workshop

Theme: Chinese New Year Arrangement
Material: Pussy willow, Pine, Chrysanthemum, Dalia


2018 Jan 10 Hatsu-ike Lunch

Theme: Table arrangement
Materials: Japanese quince, Newzeland flax, Spray Rose, White wood


2017 Annual Exhibition, Opening

We are honored to have Mrs. Matsuda, the wife of the Consulate General of Japan, and Ms. Wendy Or, Chief Leisure Manager of LCSD, for participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony. Sincerely thanks! The annual event received a lot of praise and acted the part of a splendid finale to the Branch’s events in 2017 and it attracted hundreds of viewers visited.


2017Annual Exhibition, Nov 24-26, 2017

This year, the HK STA was back to our usual venue for the annual exhibition in the Pao Gallery of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, refurbished and looking fresh …  With 2 group works and more than 40 individual exhibits. Some of the individual exhibition can be see in Gallery page.


2017 Oct 25 Workshop

Title: Let's work in groups

Materials: Monstera, Anthurium, Eustoma, Nerine


Workshop with Ishikawa Sensei –  September 27, 2017 (Wednesday) at HKCC

Title: Composing with Branches-A Two-step Approach

Materials: Philodenron, Dragon Willow, Gladiolus, Oncidium, Allium, Newzeland flax, Perch wood.



Text Book 5 – Special Traing Session - September 26, 2017 (Tuesday) at the HKCC

There are over 80 Sogetsu learners, gathering together at HKCC, a whole day session started at 9:30am. With 2 videos from Iemoto, Akane Teshigahara and 10 arrangements demonstrated by our master teacher, Ms. Ishikawa Misei. All participants learnt a lot about the new syllabus.
All participants left happily before 5pm with their certificate for the new Textbook.


2017 July 26 Workshop

Theme: Arrangement with a Basket
Materials: Sun flower (Helianthus), Asparagus, Eustoma, Cockscomb......etc.


2017 June 28 Workshop

  Theme: Expression on Movement
Materials: New Zealand flax, Alstroemeria, Typha orientalis Presl......etc.


2017 May 28 Workshop

Theme: Running wild with imagination using dried or bleached or unconventional materials

Title: Dried Palm, Plastic string, Allium, Dried wood, Monstera leave, and Chrysanthemum…etc.


2017 Apr 26 Workshop

  Theme:Green plant materials
Materials: Palm, Green Anthurium, Horsetail, Bird nest leaves and China tree.



2017 March 20, Workshop with Nishiyama Sensei

Title: Cross-bar Fixture and Composition Using Unconventional Materials
Materials: Vines, Branch bearing black berry and Rose; Japanese Quince, Euphorbia, and Green Eustoma


Title: Composition Using Unconventional Materials
Materials: Plastic wire net and green anthurium; Steel balls, Ranunculus and Tulip petals;
Aluminum sheet and Vanda.



HKFS Demonstration: 2017 March 19

Ms. Kosa Nishiyama, a master instractor from Japan, gave a demonstration on 2017 March 19 at HKFS. Titled “Variations of a Spring Breeze”. Her wonderful performance received warm applause from the audience.



2017 Feb 22 Workshop

Title: Calla Lily and Red dogwood
Materials: Calla Lily, Red Dogwood and Euphorbia


2016 Annual Exhibition Opening Ceremony, 25-28 November 2016

Our Annual Exhibition kicked off with the ribbon cutting ceremony, performed by jointly by Mrs. Matsuda, the wife of the Consul General of Japan and Ms. Wendy Or, Chief Leisure Manager (Green Campaign) of LCSD. A toast was given and guests were invited to view the exhibition.

Albeit that our Annual Exhibition took place in a much smaller venue, there were 3 group arrangements and 36 individual creations with the theme of “ Flower Message” in different shapes, form, materials and containers. It went successfully and attracted about 600 hundred people.


2016 Annual Exhibition Group Works

There are Three group works on 2 levels of CC Wu Building in Wanchai.


HK STA Sep Workshop – September 28, 2016

Theme:Cogon grass as Roofing material

Materials: Cogon grass, Snow berry, Red orchid, Newzealand fax and Lily grass.


HK STA Aug Workshop – Thursday August 18, 2016

Theme: Create a free and airy Nageire arrangement

Materials: Eucalyptus, Chrysamthum, Calla Lily.......


HK STA July Workshop - Wednesday 27 July, 2016

Theme: Fun Devices supporting Flowers

Materials: Lily Grass, Oncidium, Heliconai

June Workshop – Wednesday, 22 June, 2016

Theme: Fun Devices supporting Flowers
Materials: Horse tail, Cockscomb, Gerbera...etc.


May Outing - Wednesday 25 May 2016, Visit to Old Tai Po Police Station


A talk and demonstration on fixing techniques of wood and bamboo after AGM, Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Leader: Mr. Cheung

Materials: Bamboo poles and wood


2016 HKFS Exhibition

STA HK used the Dragon willow and Vanda to create the group exhibit. The duration is from 11 – 20 March. The exhibit won the Grand Award for Unique Feature of HKFS 2016.

Leader: Mr. Ho


Demonstration at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2016

Ms. Misei Ishikawa, a Master instructor and RIJI at the Sogetsu Headquarters gave us a wonder demonstration on 20th March at the HKFS with the title of “Vitality”. The demonstration attracted more than 400 public, the distinguished guests, ikebana friends on the day. The program ended in warm applause, and with great success.



March Workshop with Ishikawa Sensei– Wednesday, 21 March 2016

Theme: Repeating Similar Forms and Shapes
Materials: Alstroemeria and Lucky bamboo; New Zealand flax and Pincushion

Theme: Disassembling and rearranging the materials
Materials: Gypsophila and Hydrangea; Viburnum

February  Workshop – Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Theme: Using of Wood
Materials: wood, steel grass, dried colored moss


January Workshop - Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Theme: The way of arranging ikebana from the back

Materials: Peach, Chrysanthmum


2015 Annual Exhibition Opening Ceremony

Our Annual Exhibition kicked off on 27 November by the ribbon cutting ceremony, performed jointly by Mrs. Matsuda and Mr. Horace Cheung. There are 3 groups works and 38 individual arrangement and attracted hundreds of visitors from 27 to 29 November this year.  After a short speech by AnnaMarie, a toast was given and guest were invited to view the exhibition.



2015 Annual Exhibition Group Works

The three group works got lots of compliments. Ms. Sumura Eikou, Master Teacher from Sogetsu Headquarters in Tokyo, started her arrangement with the help of her daughter Okubo Yasuka and her assistant Mochizuki Hiroshi in the lift lobby in the signature Sogetsu bamboo style. Mrs. Ebuchi Yoko made a “big construction” with the big wall which showed the real power of flowers. Sharon Chou created a “floating” arrangement in the small room.


September Workshop - Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015

Theme: Conversing with Space

Materials: Palm, Chrysanthmum, Cockscomb


July workshop–Wednesday, 22  July, 2015

Theme: Combination of Dried Palm and Cedar
Materials: Dried palm, Cedar and Orchid.


June workshop–Wednesday, 24  June, 2015

Theme: Grass Composition
Materials: Dried Straw, Steel Grass, Ophiopogon, Fountain Grass, Miscanthus or Susuki (variegated) and Gerbera.


HKFS 2015 Exhibition

We used about 28 pieces of fresh bamboo poles to form structure and support of the exhibition work.  The beige reed and colored rattan blinds were twisted in different forms to create the mass and movement.

Adding the fresh fox face and heliconia, enhanced the vitality and contrast to the dry material of the whole arrangement. The group exhibit got the Unique Feature Special Award.


HKFS 2015 Demonstration

Mr. Hinata Yoichi, a Master instructor and RIJI at the Sogetsu Headquarters, gave us a wonderful demonstration on  29th  March at the HKFS. The demonstration was a big success on the day.



2014 Annual Exhibition Opening Ceremony

The HKSTA Annual Exhibition at the Arts Centre from 28 November – 30 November 2014.
As usual, the exhibition attracted many hundreds of visitors including overseas supporters over the whole period. A lot of thanks to all!
Besides, we are much honored to have Mrs. Noda and Mr. Horace Cheung as our special guest on 28 November again. Many thanks!


2014 Annual Exhibition Group Works

The three group works got lots of compliments.

1. The attractive display with the reed blinds against the black walls.

2. Using ladders at the bottom of the big wall as well as the unique wall panels fashioned from dried grass

3. The mysterious display in the small room with paper, dried and fresh plant materials spiced with red peppers!
33 individual exhibits were featured ranging from the traditional, creative and express oneself. Please see the gallery page for some of the arrangements.



HKFS 2014 Exhibition

STAHK used the 3 colored rattans to create the group exhibit, together with dyed windmill palm, kalanchoe and turf from 17-26 March.

The exhibit won the Grand Award for Unique Feature of HKFS 2014.

Leader: AnnaMarie


HKFS 2014 Demonstration

Mr. Ken Katayama, a Master instructor and RIJI at the Sogetsu Headquarters, gave us a wonderful demonstration on 16th March at the HKFS.

The demonstration was a big success on the day.


2013 Annual Exhibition Opening

The Exhibition, held on 29 November 2013-1 December 2014 at the H.K. Arts Centre, Wan chai, was a great success as ever and attracted hundreds of visitors. There were 43 individual's ikebana creations as well as 3 group works. Please view here for the  group works  and gallery for some of the individual arrangements. This year many guests and friends come to attend the opening ceremony on 29th December, bringing a lot of the glory to the exhibition.


2013 Annual Exhibition Group Works

The work at the entrance featured bamboo, drift wood, dried palm sheaves, camellia branches, dancing lady orchids and glories. The dried rubber tree leaves floated from the arrangement to the ceiling in elegant lines, creating a light and airy feeling. A truly exquisite creation to greet our guests!
The very fine bamboo pieces had been wired to form squares of different sizes. These squares were placed at different angles giving depth and colored bamboo strips were added as accents.  The created round shapes plus huge irregular mass made the connection from the wall to the platform below. The arrangement got its final touch with the wonderful red of the gloriosa lilies.
Two fences like constructions with on hundred pieces of dogwood, branches, grasses, New Zealand flax came to be after six small trees were securely fastened vertically to iron sands. All the mentioned materials were wired onto it horizontally. Creating an interesting structure in red, green and brown with a bit of yellow. The two “fences” were shifted slightly apart to give some depth to the work.


2013 HKFS Exhibition

STA HK combined dried and colored fresh Traveler’s Palm Flower to create space and movement. The floor was covered with the fresh turf for the contract as well as the reflection.

Three different colors of the dendrobium in the big shallow containers had been added to become a focus of the whole. The exhibit won the Special Award for Unique Feature of HKFS 2013.

Leader: Mrs. Evans

Demonstration at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2013

This year, Ms. Eikou Sumura, a Master Instructor from the Headquarters, visited Hong Kong with her daughter and gave us a creative demonstration on 24 March. She created 6 arrangements. For the last one, she used the box stands with palm and thick vine to create structure.

Four big containers had been put in different place to display different materials. The green Love-lies-bleeding & Asparagus &, yellow Forthysia, Limonium, red hydrangea contrasted with one another well and it was  interesting.

Ikebana Installation for the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2013

The Ikebana Installation by HKSTA for the 41st H K Arts Festival will be placed for the HK Arts Festival patrons and the public to

enjoy from on the G/F., Cultural Centre, Tsimshatsui from 20 February until 24 March 2013. You are welcome with free admission.


STA Annual Exhibition at Arts Center 2012

Our Annual Exhibition went very successfully and was well attended, same as last year.


Group works

The bamboo poles stand securely first before the moss covered wood was attached to give the structure more stability.

Glorious bittersweet was added, flowing from one bamboo pole to the next and Birds of Paradise flowers inserted in the cut out windows of the bamboo poles.

The final touch was added with the split bamboo, which had been painted in purple, to create lines and finish an impressive arrangement to greet the visitors.


In the small room, Fresh split bamboo had been assembled into a ball where some dried sago palm had already been inserted.

Fresh leaves were added as well as some red berries put inside and the ball hung from the ceiling. The walls were decorated with dried sago palms,

mostly on the upper parts in order to draw the eyes towards the ball in the middle of the room. Lighting additionally emphasized the structure.


The 5th floor created the desired layout for the wall. Hanging these woods on the wall was ably done.

Lovely shadows were created and a simple but utterly suitable "after the typhoon" arrangement came to be.


Demonstration at the HKFS 2012

On 25 March, Mrs. Yoko Ebuchi, an experience teacher from Japan, has given a demonstration by using Japanese materials during the HKFS, which the audience enjoyed very much.



HKFS Exhibition 2012 (16-25 March)

STA HK used the Cedar Veneer to create the group exhibit for a challenge, together with windmill palm, hydrangea, colored bamboo and wooden frames. The exhibit won the Grand Award for Unique Feature of HKFS 2012.


Flower Arrangement for City Hall 50th Anniversary

STA put up a big arrangement in the foyer of HK City Hall, Central (Lower Block) for celebrating the City Hall 50th Anniversary for the HK Arts Festival Patrons to enjoy from Feb 7 until Mar 6, 2012.


Annual Exhibition 2011

The Exhibition, held on 25-27 November 2011 at the H.K. Arts Centre, Wanchai, was a great success and attracted hundreds of visitors. There were 30 individuals’ ikebana creations as well as 3 big group works. If you missed it, pleaseview here for the groups and gallery for some of the individual arrangements.



Demonstration at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2011

The demonstration, conducted by Ms. Suikei Sakaguchi, Master Instructor from Sogetsu Headquarters, was a great success. She gave a step-by-step demonstration of 8 arrangements together with a simple and clear explanation of arranging procedures and techniques. For the final arrangement, she brought out a big wooden structure and invited a few members of STA HK on stage to create a free style display with white non-woven cloth and various kinds of giant green leaves. The arrangement turned out to appear as if a lady was posing in a white dress.


Hong Kong Flower Show 2011

The exhibit of STA HK received the Grand Award for Design Excellence. The black bamboo strips decorated with colorful panes of washi paper were hung high. The thick black wavy lines could be clearly spotted even from a far distance. It was very eye-catching!

























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